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4, Nawab Street, Wari, Dhaka- 1203


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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you have any showroom, please?

Sorry, currently we don’t have any showroom or physical outlet. We are mostly an online based shop. We operate our business from wari, Dhaka.

Can i pick product from your office?


-But you must make a call and inform us before coming! That is a must if you want to pick from our address.


-But We don’t have all products in stock in our office or warehouse. Product may get sold out on a sudden. And there are some products we may collect from authorized sellers and delivery to you.


If you inform us before coming, we can make sure that your desired product is available to our address.

Do you provide Home delivery?

Yes, We deliver product to your doorstep all over bangladesh through our partner courier. 

How long do you take to deliver products?

It may take 1-3 days to deliver product within Dhaka city.

But in case of outside of Dhaka, It may take 3-5 days unless there is some unexpected or unavoidable situation arises.

What is your your delivery charge?

Good News!

There are no extra or hidden charges except product price. We provide countrywide free home delivery. 

How can I Place order?

There are two ways you may place an order to us-


1. You may place order directly through our website. We do not offer cash on delivery through our website. So you will have to make a full payment if you want to order through our website. After getting your order, we will make a phone call to you within 24 hours to notify your order confirmation. If the product is out of stock, we will refund your full money within 24 hours.

2. Also, you may place order manually through our official WILY BEAR Facebook page. Wee accept cash on delivery order through our facebook page.

Provided that we allow full cash on delivery if the address is within dhaka city.

But if the delivery address is from outside Dhaka city, We take 200 BDT booking money (which is mandatory) from customers. You may send booking money through our bKash or Ucash marchant number. 


Explanation of booking money:

Suppose you are buying a product from us that worth 3000 BDT. If you pay 200 BDT as booking money, The rest 2800 BDT will be cash on delivery to you.

We are extreamly sorry for taking booking money for order confirmation. reson behind this is UNFORTUNATELY we gets lots of fake order from some customers living outside dhaka. They order product with confident and later they dont receive products or response over phone. 


But we will have to pay two way courier charge for nothing. To prevent this, we introduce booking money system to filter out such fraud customes.

Hope you will understand and be considerate toward us.

Do you accept return or replacement?

Yes! We do have return, replacement facilities.


We are very flaxible with our return policy. It is simple and hassle free!

When delivery person goes to you, you must open and check the product infront of delivery person.

If you are not comfortable with the actual view of the products, you must make a call to us and inform the matter.

Don’t worry or hassitate, we do respect your decision.

After that you must return the same delivery person immediately. provided that we do have a product return charge which is 80 BDT in Dhaka city and 130 BDT outside Dhaka city.

you must provide the return charge to the delivery person as well as the products. Thats it!

Note: we are sorry for taking return charge, you must understand we already are paying delivery charge, you are only paying return charge.

It is that we both are sharing the burden. We belive this is the fair way to deal the issue, for both of us.


When delivery person comes to you, you open the product in front of him and you think you need other coler or size of the product. Please make a call to us and inform the matter. After that please return the prouct to the same delivery person with return charge.

We will send you the other color or size if you want.

Will the product be same as displayed over website?

Absolutely Yes!

We sell original and authentic products without any doubt. Product will be same as displaied on website.

But sometimes, due to lighting condition or camera model based color saturation may vary slightly. If your are very concern about as it is color requirement, Please, contact our customer service page through Facebook Messenger.

We will capture and send you some pictures if possible.

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